Comprehensive General Liability

This policy indemnifies the insured for all sums which the Insured becomes legally liable to pay as compensation in respect of bodily injury or property damage as a result of a loss happening in connection with the business of the Insured.

This policy is similar to Public Liability but with broader form of coverage which can be extended to include additional coverage like principal existing property, excess automobile coverage and contractual liability.

Professional Indemnity

This policy covers you for breach of your professional duty by reason of any negligent act, error or omission. If you are in the business of providing services and advices to your client, professional liability insurance is an important type of insurance for your organisation. Despite your best efforts, well-trained employees and a strong best practices ethic, mistakes are bound to occur. This policy protects your business against compensation sought by your client if you make an error or found to be negligent.

Fire Insurance

This policy covers your property against loss or damage caused by Fire, Lightning and Domestic Explosion.

For and additional premium, coverage may be extended to these risks:
• Aircraft Damage
• Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption;
• Storm and Tempest;
• Flood;
• Explosion;
• Impact damage by own vehicles and third party vehicles;
• Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks apparatus and pipes (excluding sprinkler system);
• Bush / Lalang Fire;
• Subsidence & Landslip;
• Spontaneous combustion;
• Riot, strike and malicious damage;
• Damage by falling trees or branches and object therefrom;
• Sprinkler damage

Burglary Insurance

This Insurance provides coverage to the Insured against loss or damage to the property insured arising from causes such as :
• Forcible and violent entry or exit to the premises
• Theft or any attempt by a person hiding in the Insured premises
• Hold-up or Armed robbery

You can either insure your property on Full Value or First Loss basis :

This basis is adopted when there exists a possibility of your entire property insured being stolen at any one time. You must ensure adequacy of the sum insured since the insurance will be subject to the Average Clause and you will not be fully indemnifies at the time of loss if the property is under insured. The correct sum insured should be what you consider to be the highest value at risk at any one time.

This basis is adopted when it is not possible for your entire property insured to be stolen at the same time. The sum insured shall be based on your assessment.

Money Insurance

This insurance indemnifies your against the loss of Money whilst :

• In transit between your premises and the bank or post office and vice versa. You are covered for the loss of money by its actual destruction, disappearance & wrongful abstraction while being handled by authorised personnel. You have assess the highest amount carried, as this represents the limit of liability for any one event.

• Kept in a locked safe, cash register, strong room, drawers & cabinets. You have assess the highest amount of money kept in the premises at any one time as this represents the limit of liability for any one event. In addition, you are also covered for the cost of repair or replacement of the safe, strongroom or other receptacles associated with such theft or attempted theft.

HOME INSURANCE - Householder / Houseowner

Home insurance is crucial protection to safeguard the property and personal contents of home which can be customized to suit every house owner’s needs and budget.

This insurance provides standard home insurance protection that covers the structure or contents of the Insured’s property against :
• Fire, lightning, thunderbolt
• Explosion
• Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks or pipes
• Theft caused by forcible or violent break-in
• Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm
• Earthquake, volcanic eruption
• Flood
This Householder/Houseowner Insurance protects the Insured against any legal fees and expenses in the event of a claim brought by a person who is involved in an accident that takes place in the house. For fatal injury caused by thieves or fire, the Insured will also be compensated under this policy.

Group Hospitalisation & Surgical

It is a plan which covers the cost of medical treatment and hospitalisation for your employees, due to accidents and sickness. You can tailor the plan to meet your company’s specific needs:

Outpatient Benefits:
• Pre-hospitalisation and pre-surgical diagnostic services
• Pre-hospitalisation specialist fees
• Post-hospitalisation Treatment
• Emergency accidental outpatient treatment
• Outpatient monthly outpatient cancer treatment
• Emergency accidental dental treatment.

Inpatient Benefits:
• Hospital room & board
• Surgeon fees
• Anaesthetist Fees
• Intensive Care Unit
• Hospital services & supplies
• Day care surgery
• Operation theatre
• In-hospital physician visit

Special Benefits:
• Ambulance fee
• Daily cash allowance at general hospitals
• Bereavement allowance

Security Guards Scheme

As per requirement from Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN), Security Guard firms need to produce their Insurance policies upon their license renewal such as Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and also Group Personal Accident.

Due to the intense market competition in security services business, the service fees has been deteriorating rapidly together with the unsatisfactory insurance claim experience due to break in, robbery, mistake, errors and omission, dishonesty of the guards or staffs etc. Security companies often ended up with very huge and frequent liabilities claims from owner and/or subrogated insurer.

The below policies will provide the proper insurance coverage for Security Guards company.


To indemnify security guard company against all claims which may be made against your company (to include Guards & Security Officers) during the period of insurance for breach of professional duty in the conduct of your business by reason of negligent act or error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed on your part including legal fees if any

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• MONEY INSURANCE for more details please click here

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• Nepalese Guard, we do provide Foreign Worker Insurance Scheme for Nepalese Guard for more detail please click here

• We also provide Bond Insurance which required by government, for more detail please click here

Foreign Worker Scheme

Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS)
• As provided under Section 26(2) of the Workmen’s Compensation Act 1952, it is mandatory for every employer to insure all their foreign workers employed by the company under the Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS).
• Foreign workers who are under the employment of the insured company will enjoy coverage that include
• Death and disability due to an accident
• Disease arising out of and in the course of employment
• Medical expenses
• Repatriation expenses

Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Scheme (FWH&S)
• Effective 1 January 2011, all foreign workers in Malaysia are required to purchase a RM120 premium per year Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Scheme (FWCS) that provides RM10,000 annual coverage.
• Under the insurance policy, foreign workers will enjoy benefits that include
• Daily hospital and room board of up to a maximum of 30 days
• Intensive care unit (ICU) of up to a maximum of 15 days
• Operating theatre fees
• Surgical fees
• Anaesthetist fees
• In-hospital physician visits of up to a maximum of 30 days
• In-hospital specialist consultation visits of up to a maximum of 30 days
• Ambulance fees
• Medical report fees

Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)
• Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee is a guarantee required by Immigration Department from Employers as a security deposit for the employment of foreign workers in various sectors.
• The amount and the period of guarantee are pre-determined by the Department. They will be based on the nationality of the workers. The amount of guarantee range from RM 250.00 to RM 3,500.00. The duration required ranged from thirteen (13) to thirty six (36) months. The most common duration required is eighteen (18) months.
• The guarantee will be called by the department if the repatriation of the workers becomes necessary.


• Covers buildings and civil engineering works under construction
• Covers plants, machinery, equipment and steel structures like bridges in the course of erection Coverage
• Material Damage
Covers against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to contract or erection works/property/items  
• Third Party Liability
Covers third party liability for which we shall become legally liable to pay as damages consequent upon
• Accidental bodily injury or illness of third party
• Accidental loss or damage to property belonging to third party occurring in direct connection with the works and happening at or in the immediate vicinity of the site. The indemnity is also provided for legal costs and expenses provided the liability is within the limit of liability insured.

Claims Management Department (CMD)

Our Claims Management Department (CMD) was formed in year 2002 to be responsible in ensuring all claims from our policies are settle fairly, promptly and accurately. As there is claim arises, we matter our most valuable clients in committing to our services and we will ensure all the claims will be handle immediately without any inconveniences.
Specialist resources and professional advice will be provides to our clients to assist and ensure the most effective outcome is achieved as different claims management processes and forms may apply to different products, depending on the area of the risk.
CMD performs other tasks which are legal in nature. For instance, assisting the clients to draft correspondences to lawyers or claimant, ensuring that all insurance and legal related matters are scrutinized closely and vigilantly.
CMD listen to understand and they share your concerns.

Product Liability

This policy indemnifies the insured against all sums which the insured shall become legally liable in respect of bodily injury or illness of any person, loss or damage to property caused by defects in the insured products.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, if the products that you sell, supplied, installed, repaired or altered cause injury to a person or damage to their property, you could be liable to pay for any compensation costs. Product Liability would cover those costs, helping you to avoid what could be considerable expense to your business.

Public Liability

Covers your legal liability to third party as a result of an accident happening during the period of covers in connection with your business operations and occurring within the territorial scope.

This policy will cover all sums which you shall become legally liable to pay compensation in respect of :
1) Bodily injury (including illness) to any person(s)
2) Loss or damage to property

Marine Comprehensive Integrated Transit Liability

This policy is specially designed for Freight Forwarders, Road Hauliers, Warehouse & Supply Chain Operators, Custom Broker, Cargo Consolidators, Container and Depot Operators, Shipping Agent, NVOCC and all other total logistics operators.

In your role as a transportation specialist, you perform numerous and diverse services for your customers. As a result, you require coverage to protect not only your principal activities but the scope of your entire operation as well.

This insurance scheme is a combination of liability coverage that enables you to tailor a blanket of protection to cover your transportation related risk exposures.

This scheme is basically consists of the below section:
Section A : Bill of Lading
Section B : Errors & Omissions
Section C : Bailee & Warehousemen Legal Liability
Section D : Third Party Liability
Section E : Special Container Liability
Section F : Custom Fines & Duties Liability
Section G : Fidelity Guarantee

Fire Consequential Loss

This is a policy that complements your Fire Insurance policy. It ensures coverage for :
• Loss of profit
• Revenue
• Rental
• Standing Charges
• Wages or salaries on payroll basis
• Increase in cost of working due to business interruption as a result of fire and/or other extended perils.
This policy can be extended by additional premium to cover loss arising from :
• Damage to Specified Suppliers’ Premises
• Damage to Unspecified Suppliers’ Premises
• Damage to Specified Customers’ Premises
• Prevention of Access
• Public Utilities
• Infectious or Contagious Diseases, Murder, Suicide, Pest, Food or Drink Poisoning; or Defective Sanitary Arrangements.

All Risks Insurance

This Insurance provides coverage to the Insured against loss or damage to the property insured arising from:
• Fire and lightning
• Theft including burglary, robbery or armed robbery or held up
• Accidental damage by external means
• Flood, earthquake, subsidence and landslip, explosion and any other causes not specifically excluded under the policy.

The policy covers :
• Office equipment, furniture, fixtures & fittings
• Industrial plants and machinery
• Renovations and office part of a building
• Electronic equipment eg: computers
• Mobile items eg: notebooks, phones and cameras

Equipment All Risks Insurance

This insurance provides coverage to the Insured against loss or damage to mobile equipment arising from or due to:
• Accidental collision or overturning;
• Fire, External explosion, Self-ignition, Lightning;
• Burglary or theft;
• Impact damage provided no flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, earthquake and/or other convulsion of nature is involved.
This insurance is suitable for mobile equipment such as forklift, excavator, crawler crane and other similar equipment.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This insurance provides coverage to the employer against any direct pecuniary loss that you may sustain through act(s) of dishonesty by your employees such as act(s) of forgery, misappropriation of fund or stock, theft of properties of abscondment of money by employee resulting in direct financial loss to the Employer. This coverage is not limited to loss of money but also covers loss of real property and stock-in-trade belonging to you.

• During the Period of Insurance
• During the uninterrupted continuance of employment of such employee
• In connection with the occupation and duties of such employees and
• Discovered during the aforesaid period of insurance or within 6 months after the death, dismissal or retirement of such employee whichever shall happen first.

Travel Insurance

This travel insurance will covers unpleasant occurrences such as flight delays, illness and theft which can spoil your holiday. This insurance is aim to relieve travellers of all these untimely disruptions.

Coverage includes :
• Emergency evacuation and repatriation
• Medical expenses
• Personal accident cover
• Coverage for cancellation and curtailment
• Coverage for baggage loss or damage, theft or delays
• Coverage for loss of travel documents or theft
• Hospital income
• Personal liability
• Coverage for travel delays
• Coverage for missed connections
• Compassionate allowance

Group Personal Accident

It is a compensation for accidental death, disablement or bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident occurring 24 hours Worldwide.
Standard Benefits:
• Death
• Permanent Disablement

Optional Benefits:
• Temporary Total Disablement
• Temporary Partial Disablement
• Medical and Surgical Treatment
• Hospital Income

Motor Insurance

As per Road Transport Act 1987, motor insurance is a compulsory class of insurance for all vehicles licensed to be used on public roads. The Motor Insurance Policy protects and will compensate you against any financial losses resulting from an accident or theft. It is also designed to compensate third parties against injuries sustained during an accident where the policyholder and/or their authorized driver are found to be negligent.

With Motor Comprehensive Insurance, you will enjoy coverage for
• Loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accident, fire and theft.
• Third Party death and bodily injury.
• Third Party Property loss or damage

For better protection, you may also wish to purchase additional coverage for
• Windscreen damage
• Passenger liability cover
• Special Perils such as Flood, Windstorm, Rainstorm, Typhoon, Hurricane, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake, Landslide, Landslip or Subsidence
• Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion

Type and uses of vehicle
• Private car
• Commercial vehicle
• Motor Trade
• Goods Carrying Vehicle for A & C Permit
• Special type
• Motorcycle

Motor Comprehensive Insurance is an annually renewable insurance policy for vehicles.

Performance Bond

Performance bond are used predominantly in relation to building or engineering projects where the contractor is often required by the principal to furnish a Performance Bond to guarantee itself against the failure of the contractor to perform satisfactory according to the terms and condition of the contract.
The bond business is generally not written on its own without the other project insurances like Contractors All Risks and Erection All Risks Insurance.
Bond can be issued either in the form of a Bank Guarantee or an Insurance Guarantee.
Inquiries for Security Guard scheme, for more details please click here

Foreign Maid Insurance Scheme

This policy provides the Employer with financial compensation for accidental bodily injury or death to the maid. In addition, it also pays for repatriation expenses, hospitalization and surgical expense and also weekly benefit.
Under the insurance policy, foreign maid will enjoy benefits that include
• Personal Accident Insurance 
• Accidental Dealth & Permanent Disablement
• Medical Expenses
• Repatriation Expeneses 
• Hospital and Surgical Benefit


Marine Cargo
• The Marine Insurance policy covers loss or damage to the cargo during the course of transit, be it by land, sea, air or combination. The insurance may designed according to your need.
• We Can provide special Bill of lading Extension to the seller for any unauthorized, wrongful of unlawful release of cargo by supply chain operator or documents handlers to buyers or third party BEFORE transfer of TITLE
Marine Hull
Apart from marine cargo, we also provide cover for loss or damage to ship/vessels. This would include tugs and barges as well as pleasure crafts or yachts.
Trade Credit Insurance
Trade credit insurance protects the debts of seller after the transfer of TITLE to buyer due to insolvency of the buyer, delay payment & change of government regulations.

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