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contractors all risks insurance

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contractors all risks (CAR) insurance is engineering insurance that covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to contract works, construction plant, equipment and/or construction machinery from any cause whilst at the site during the period of insurance unless specifically excluded under the policy.

policy highlights

key coverages
  • Material damage cover
  • Covers you against physical loss or damage to your construction works
  • Principal existing property cover
  • Protects you against loss or damage to property located on or surrounding the site belonging to or held in care, custody or control by you
  • Third-party liability
  • Covers you against legal costs and expenses which you may be legally liable to pay as damages due to property damage or accidental bodily injury to third parties
extended coverages
  • Faulty material, design, construction and erection
  • Vibration, mal-adjustment or mal-alignment
  • Defective lubrication, loosening of parts, abnormal stress, molecular fatigue, self-heating centrifugal force
  • Excessive electrical pressure, due to atmosphere electricity or otherwise
  • Short circuits or arcing
  • Lack of skill and carelessness in handling the machinery

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