marine insurance

goods in transit insurance

Having more control of your goods on the road.


goods in transit insurance is a marine insurance that covers any loss or damage to goods conveyed on land by road or rail or by boat for short journeys.

The cover provided on all risks basis, indemnifying the insured for loss or damage to goods by fire, accident, theft or pilferage while being loaded or unloaded from any vehicle or passenger or goods train of temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit, whether on or off conveyance.

policy highlights

key coverages
  1. Fire, theft or accidental means
  2. This coverage is against loss of or damage to the goods by fire, theft or accidental means

  3. Lorry clause
  4. This coverage is a more restrictive cover loss or damage to the goods resulting from fire, collision and overturning of the conveyance.

extended coverages with an additional premium
Riots & strikes as provided in the strikes, riot & civil commotion clause is an extension cover in conjunction with the same conveyance.

Note: This policy can be extended by an additional premium to cover loss arising from.

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