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marine comprehensive integrated transit liability

Complete freight transport management guide


in your role as a transportation specialist, you will need to manage the cargos and ship high volumes of goods.

As a result, you will require coverage to protect not only your principal activities but the scope of your entire operation as well.

This policy is specially designed for Freight Forwarders, Road Hauliers, Warehouse & Supply Chain Operators, Custom Brokers, Cargo Consolidators, Container, and Depot Operators, Shipping Agent, NVOCC, and all other total logistics operators.

This insurance scheme is a combination of liability coverage that enables you to tailor your insurance protection to cover your transportation-related risk exposures.

policy highlights

bill of lading

Covers physical loss or damage to customers’ cargo for which you are legally liable while transporting under your house bill of lading (HBL) or house air waybill (HAWB).

errors & omission

Covers financial loss suffered by your customers as a result of your negligence, error or mistake.

bailee & warehousemen legal liability

Covers physical loss or damage to your customers’ property while in your physical care, custody, or control as per various standard trading conditions.

third-party liability

Covers damages and consequential loss resulting from accidental bodily injury or property loss/damage.

container insurance

Covers all risks of physical loss or damage to containers, which is owned or leased by you and scheduled in the policy. This policy also covers liability for loss or damage to the container which is not owned, rented, or leased by you while in your care, custody, and control.

custom fines & duties liability

Covers your fines and penalties imposed as a result of your negligence and unintentional breach of import or export regulations.

fidelity guarantee

Covers loss or damage to the cargo due to infidelity, dishonesty, or criminal act that is committed by your employees.

Section Scheme
Marine Comprehensive Integrated Transit Liability Road Haulier Johor Port Scheme
Bill of Lading N/A
Errors & Omissions
Bailee & Warehousemen Legal Liability
Third Party Liability
Container Insurance
Custom Fines & Duties Liability N/A
Fidelity Guarantee

Please schedule your business risk assessment with our Insurance Consultant to learn more about how we can customize your Marine Comprehensive Integrated Transit Liability plan for you.

  • Ethan Lim, Country Manager, TheLorry Malaysia

    At TheLorry we help individual and corporate organizations manage their business logistics. We are responsible for the safe delivery of their customers’ goods. Any unexpected events that can cause damage could lead to potential, significant losses. Anthola group of total insurance solutions help us manage these risks and protect our operations from disruptions.

    Ethan Lim, Country Manager, TheLorry Malaysia

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