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for the security guard firms to apply or renew their operational licenses, they are required to produce their insurance policies as required by the ministry of home affairs.

The compulsory insurance policies that are required to be taken up are Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Group Personal Accident.

As a result of negligence from their employees or incidences outside of their control, security guard firms often end up with huge liability claims from their customers and subrogated insurers.

This helps to ensure that the security operators are able to protect their interests by transferring risks to the insurers, especially from a liability standpoint.
The below policies will provide the proper insurance coverage for security guards companies.

policy highlights

error & omission

To indemnify against all claims which may be made against your company for breach of professional duty as Security Guard by reasons of any negligent act, error & omission.

fidelity guarantee

To indemnify against all pecuniary loss suffered by your company or your principal which arise from all acts of fraud and dishonesty and the criminal act committed by any of your employees/guards during the course of duties.

public liability

To indemnify the insured against third party property damage and/or bodily injury arising out of the insured business activities on which the insured is legally liable for compensation including legal fees.

group personal accident

This policy indemnifies the employee against death, bodily injuries with or without medical expenses, temporary disablement benefits as a result of accidental means.


On computers, laptops, projectors, cameras, school & co-curriculum equipment and accessories, CCTV & alarm system, air-con & compressor, building cables, lighting arrester and property, and every description belonging to the insured or held by them in trust or on commission.
Please schedule your business risk assessment with our Insurance Consultant to learn more about how we can customize your Security Guard Scheme plan for you.

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